Ephesians Church of God In Christ was founded in January 1958 at 1549 7th Street, in San Pablo, California by the late Superintendent Jack P. Spicer, Sr.

 With nightly prayer, much fasting and meditating by the pastor and His wife, Mrs. Lettie Spicer, the church began to flourish. As the membership grew, the church became known as the “Swinging Church” because of the way the floor swayed when the saints began to praise the Lord with the shout and dance. Therefore, will we give thanks to the O Lord and sing praises unto thy name…(Psalm 18:49). 

In 1967, Ephesians moved to a larger building at 419 Mac Donald Avenue where the Lord continued to bless in a marvelous way. And many souls were saved from off the streets. In 1978, Ephesians moved to the present location. Here the Lord has given an increase both naturally and spiritually, continually daily on one accord, praising God. And the Lord added to the Church, such as should be saved.,,(Acts 2:47).  Under the great teaching of the pastor our brothers and sisters has been evaluated to a higher calling “going out to spread the gospel” Missionaries who started here have gone on to become District Missionaries. Minister, Elders who began their ministry here have become pastors and superintendents and are continuing in the strength of the Lord. And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophet; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ….Ephesians 4:11-12  Spring 1994, Ephesians, Church Of God In Christ was the subject of the exhibit “Through It All” at the Richmond Museum of History. The Mirror, The Richmond Museum Association Newsletter. Tell the story of the church origins and evolution; the exhibition combines historical photographs with reminiscences of older church members.

Sustained by faith in 1999, Bishop W.W. Hamilton, California Northwest Jurisdiction Church Of God In Christ, Inc. Appointed Elder Louis B. Spicer, Jr. as the pastor of Ephesians, Church Of God In Christ, Inc.  Under the prayerful leadership and guidance of Pastor Louis B. Spicer, Jr., along with the dedicated and loyal members, Ephesians is continuing to grow. Pastor Louis Spicer, being moved by the spirit of the Lord spoke with the Ephesians family concerning the building renovation of the current edifice. God has touched the hearts of the people to pledge and give with the pastor leading the building fund. Except the Lord build the House, they labour in vain that build it...(Psalm 127:1). 

Due to the geographical economical changes in the local urban community. The Evangelist department with the pastor approval realized the great need to reach out and provide services that would benefit the community. Just to name a few, services provided are Feeding in the Homeless Shelter and local surrounding communities, visitation of the convalescent hospital, also prisons ministry, visitation and services render at the San Quentin Prison, and street evangelism. Ephesians endeavor to do God’s will, serving the people of the community and bringing souls to Christ.  “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God….”Romans 1:16

Founding Father

Superintendent Jack P. Spicer, Sr.

January, 1958 – December, 1997


 Elder Jack Paul Spicer, a son of Methodist farmers, was born on April 14, 1917 to Wilkins and Josephine Spicer in Roe, Arkansas. He was born into a family of one older brother and six sisters. Elder Spicer had always said that he thought the Holiness Church was too strict. But when he was 21 years old, after being truly converted in the Baptist Church, he sought and found the Lord Jesus Christ in the Holiness Church where his mother and two of his sisters belonged.   He got saved and joined his mother's church, Round Pond Church of God in Christ in Round Pond, Arkansas where Elder E.M. Day was the pastor. Elder Spicer had heard about Bishop Mason and the Convocation that was being held in Memphis, TN about 50 miles away.  He went. And it was there that he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost during a midnight service when Elder Utah Smith was in charge.

Our founder met and later married Lettie Mae Stanton on April 14, 1940. Missionary Lettie Mae Stanton had joined Earle Church of God in Christ in Earle, Arkansas when she was 15 years old.  Elder Minas Jones was her pastor.  After belonging to Round Pond Church of God in Christ for five years under Elder Day, Elder and Missionary Spicer, along with their family moved to Richmond, CA.  After moving to Richmond, Elder and Missionary Spicer placed their membership at McGlothen Temple under the late Bishop George W. McGlothen.  For fifteen years they remained active members of McGlothen Temple until Elder Spicer founded and became the pastor of Ephesians of Richmond Church of God in Christ in 1958.  Pastor Spicer served so well that he was selected to serve as Assistant Superintendent of the Richmond District.  A few years later, the hand of the Lord moved and our founder was again selected to assume the responsibility that goes along with the office of Superintendent of the Richmond District, California Northwest Jurisdiction under the late Bishop Clarence J. Davis.

Elder Spicer, who was lovingly referred to as “The Shepherd”, and his wife, served and cared for Ephesians for 39 years.  Missionary Spicer was his help-mate down through the years. She was his wife for 56 years and the First Lady of Ephesians for 39 years. Many lives were changed and enriched by God through Elder Spicer's ministry.  God's word and His love have spread far and wide via a number of lay members born into this church who subsequently became ministers, elders, missionaries, pastors and superintendents and are, even now, successfully spreading God's Word.

 Favorite Scripture:  “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear”? Psalm 27:1

 One of his Favorite Songs: “Jesus, You’re The Center of My Joy”